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Provide Material With Care

We are Gir Gai Trading Company Limited or GSC for short. GSC was established in 1992 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan where our 80,000 square meter warehouse, that is capable of storing over 80,000 tons of stock at any given time, is also located. We promise to deliver the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.

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Provide Material With Care

Well Maintained

Our products are constantly checked and examined in order to ensure the highest and best quality for our customers.

Industrial Specialist

With our 25+ years of experience, our team is extremely proficient in the field of managing a wide range of steel products.

Latest Equipments

We have the latest equipment in our factories to ensure that the steel we deliver arrives in your hands in its utmost best condition.

Safety Commitment

We follow tight and extreme safety measures to protect the quality of our steel along with ensuring a safe and reliable transaction with our customers.

What We Provide

We provide a wide selection of steel products from steel plates, section steels, steel pipes and fittings, steel flanges, and many other products. Additionally, we carry a large range of steel standards in order to meet the majority of our customer’s needs.

We can also guarantee that if we are not currently carrying a product in our warehouse, we will still be able to provide to the customer’s request due to our strong connections with reputable suppliers.

Finally, we also accept requests for specific customizations that may better fit the needs of our customers. Please press the link to visit our “Products” page for a clearer view of what we provide.

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